Privacy Policy

To set your preference(s) to receive e-mail or postal mail from us: If you want to stop receiving mailings, choose, "No, I want to Opt-Out".

When you set your preference(s) to messages from us:
You and others choosing the preference(s) may be sent ocassional "bulk" mailings containing: We do not release your address information to third parties.

It's possible others may get your address(es) from our site:
In these cases other web site visitors can see, or computer programs may find, your contact information. Remember, that is only with your permission.

If you stop receiving e-mails:
If we send an e-mail to you and it "bounces" back to us, we: If you want to receive e-mail, correct your e-mail address and confirm the e-mail we send to you.

We seldom send postal mail, but if we send mail to you and it returned to us, we: Enter valid information and change the preference to "Yes" to begin receiving mailings, again.

The Nevada County Depot and Museum is a member of Arkansas Museums Association and Arkansas Historical Association

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