Hand written names of students in vol 53 no 18
Photo Book 2
Names of students in upper right Vol - 53 - No 18 date unknown.
1st Row - Harris Powell, Vernon Stephens, Chase Stephens, Richard White, Ivan Caldwell, unknown, Lester Steed, Mark Blakely, Sam Taylor White, Earl Fairburn ?, Harold Brooks, unknown
2nd Row - Ethel Bailey, Elise Milburn, Beulah Hesterly, Kitty Marshall, Ethel Majors, Marion Aburrow, unknown, Mildred Johnson, Marie McKay, Inez Nelson, Fannie Haynie and ????Munn
3rd Row - Sue Haltom, Mary McCullough, Daisy Marshall, Jennie Scott, Leola Smith, Verdie Michols, Gladys Ferguson ?, Bessie Hawkins, Stella Hawkins and Bessie Barnes
4th Row - Miss Laura Hardin - Teacher, unknown, Fred Horn, unknown, Floyd Hubbard, unknown, unknown, Doc Billingsly, Leonard Hamby, Allen Marshall, Saxon Regan and Martin Guthrie 1900s

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