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Bluff Springs Cemetery

This is a very well maintained cemetery located in the northwest corner of Section 12, Township 13 South, Range 22 West. It is in a somewhat isolated area about 1/2 mile from the Bluff Springs Baptist church. When I visited here in late 1997, the timber surrounding the cemetery had recently been cut. This left the cemetery sort of exposed, but someone had just planted some flowering shrubs along the drive up to the cemetery. The cemetery is fenced.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 278 and Hwy. 53, go east toward Rosston 1.3 miles. Turn left on Rd. No. 29 and go 1.2 miles to a fork. Take the left fork and continue for 7/10ths of a mile to the Bluff Springs Baptist church. Continue north on Rd. No. 29 for 6/10ths of a mile. The cemetery will be on your left, a short distance from the road.





Almond, Peter B.  10-3-1871  3-18-1892   
Almond, W. U.      Co. F- 15 Ga. Inf.-CSA 
Bailey, Carrah C.  4-12-1906  8-18-1907  Sister; double marker with Franklin E. Bailey 
Bailey, Franklin E.  12-1-1907  1-1-1908  Brother; double marker with Carrah C. Bailey 
Bailey, W. N.  8-29-1883  6-1-1918  Woodmen of the World marker 
Bailey, Annie  3-22-1891  1-4-1932  Annie Harvin in obituary 
Beasley, Stanley  2-13-1934  6-11-1984   
Bennett, Lenora  3-15-1832  11-26-1912   
Bennett, J. W.  11-20-1824  6-30-1904  Age 79 years, 7 months, 10 days 
Bennett, Annie B.  5-27-1857  3-26-1930  Double marker with Louis L. Bennett 
Bennett, Louis L.  12-29-1853  6-13-1937  Double marker with Annie B. Bennett 
Berkman, Herbert  3-12-1905  10-23-1905  Son of W. F. and Trudie Berkman 
Blair, Larra P.    10-9-1899  Age 27 years, 10 months 
Burke, Teresa Ann  8-18-1971  5-8-1977   
Bustin, Adale  1921  1922  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bustin 
Bustin, Claudie Lee  1917  1918  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bustin 
Butler, Alma  3-18-1890  3-2-1912  Wife of R. A. Butler; double marker with Harl E. Butler 
Butler, Cloie  11-11-1887  7-18-1911  Wife of P. E. Butler 
Butler, R. B.  10-4-1916  7-2-1917  Son of R. A. and M. E. Butler 
Butler, Harl E.  2-12-1912  3-23-1912  Infant son of Alma and R. A. Butler; double marker with Alma Butler 
Butler, H. H.   1922  1924  Small flat stone; found obituary for Herbert Hull Butler; son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler; died 6-11-1923; age 10 months, 6 days as per obituary 
Butler, Jessie  10-22-1908  4-4-1992   
Calhoun, Joe R.  6-14-1914  1-8-1918   
Camp, Larry O.  11-13-1942  1-16-1951   
Carlton, Roy Lee  8-11-1897  10-24-1950  Double marker with Opal Dillard Carlton 
Carlton, Opal Dillard  8-25-1903  12-17-1973  Double marker with Roy Lee Carlton 
Cearley, Sarah  1-27-1861  1-2-1916   
Chandler, J. W.  10-11-1922  7-21-1923  Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Chandler 
Coleman, Doris Dillard  10-31-1924  12-3-1981   
Cothren, Billy Bueford  2-20-1926  9-8-1975  S2- U. S. Navy- World War II 
Cothren, Otha Harvey  10-9-1923  1-22-1976  US Marine Corps- World War II: double marker with Bonnie Tomlin Cothren; m. 9-1-1956 
Cothren, Bonnie Tomlin  10-28-1932    Double marker with Otha Harvey Cothren; m.9-1-1956 
Cothren, Stephen Allen  6-16-1950  2-24-1978  Husband of Gwyneth Johnson 
Cross, Eddie  5-5-1882  9-17-1922   
Cross, Girtilnie  11-24-1905  12-30-1908   
Cross, John B.  2-15-1879  8-8-1952   
Cross, (infant)  1-21-1902  1-21-1902  Child of J. B. and E. V. Cross 
Cross, (infant)  9-16-1903  9-16-1903  Child of J. B. and E. V. Cross 
Cross, John Franklin  8-8-1926  8-9-1926   
Cross, Emily Ann  8-8-1926  7-17-1927   
Cross, Herbert Hoover  8-23-1932  6-22-1933   
Dillard, A. H.  1-26-1890  2-11-1912  Woodmen of the World marker 
Dillard, Alma Lee  1934  10-3-1963  Double marker with J. E. Dillard; children--Pam, Trish; grandchldren--Jeremy, Janae, Trent; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, J. E.  8-29-1933  4-1-2003  SP3- US Army- Korea; double marker with Alma Lee Dillard; children--Pam, Trish; grandchildren--Jeremy, Janae, Trent; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, Carol Jean  5-16-1945  4-14-1948  Carolyn Dillard in obituary;daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howell Dillard; death from auto accident 
Dillard, Clara E.  11-25-1888  12-16-1955   
Dillard, D. W.  11-29-1886  8-30-1916  Woodmen of the World marker; double marker with (Infant) Dillard 
Dillard, (infant)  10-13-1907  10-13-1907  Son of D. W. and Clara E. Dillard; double marker with D. W. Dillard 
Dillard, (infant)  8-15-1908  8-15-1908  Daughter of D. W. and Clara E. Dillard 
Dillard, Ester G.  7-25-1913  5-30-1915  Daughter of D. W. and Clara E. Dillard 
Dillard, David L.  1864  1941   
Dillard, Dewey  1898  12-9-1956  Double marker with Johnnie Dillard; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, Johnnie  1900  1986  Double marker with Dewey Dillard 
Dillard, Pvt. Donald W.  1-29-1931  10-18-1952  Pvt.-Co. M.-279 Inf.-45 Div. 
Dillard, Donie L.  1860  1939  Double marker with John W. Dillard 
Dillard, John W.  1857  5-15-1933  Double marker with Donie L. Dillard; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, Frank A.  6-25-1862  12-4-1945  Double marker with Mary M. Dillard 
Dillard, Mary M.  9-18-1867  no date  Double marker with Frank A. Dillard; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Dillard, Harl  1910  1928   
Dillard, Harold Doyle  8-13-1941  8-13-1941  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Dillard, Helen  1922  1940   
Dillard, Homer S.  7-23-1892  9-11-1959  Double marker with Nellie G. Dillard 
Dillard, Nellie G.  5-4-1895  9-4-1986  Double marker with Homer S. Dillard 
Dillard, J. E.  1860  1944   
Dillard, (infant)    1924  Son of J. H. and Octa Dillard; double marker with Roy Joe Dillard 
Dillard, Roy Joe    1930  Son of J. H. and Octa Dillard; double marker with (infant) Dillard 
Dillard, J. H.  3-12-1898  7-2-1984  Double marker with J. Octa Dillard; m. 4-10-1918 
Dillard, J. Octa  5-16-1901  4-6-1975  Double marker with J. H. Dillard; m. 4-10-1918 
Dillard, (infant)  1-10-1942  1-10-1942  Son of J. H. and J. Octa Dillard 
Dillard, Kermit  1908  Aug., 1941  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, Loice  1-21-1912  12-2-1916  Lois Estelle Dillard in obituary 
Dillard, Paul  12-12-1902  4-11-1934   
Dillard, Ruby  1908  1951   
Dillard, Sena  1864  1942   
Dillard, Sidney Algia  9-2-1883  5-12-1961  Ark-Sgt.-Co. F-153 Inf.-World War I; double marker with Ruby Murphy Dillard 
Dillard, Ruby Murphy  4-10-1902  4-28-1987  Double marker with Sidney Algia Dillard 
Dillard, Sonya Glorian  11-28-1941  4-2-1947   
Dillard, Telma Lee  1920  11-14-1935  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Dillard; obituary had Thelma Dillard; full date and other information from obituary; year only on stone 
Dillard, William Thomas  1859  1943   
Dillard, Travis Wayne  8-26-1975  8-27-1975  Son of Donnie and Diane Dillard 
Dillard, Bernise C.  6-3-1931  5-15-2017  Cpl. - U. S. Army - Korea; Bernise Carroll Dillard on military marker; double marker with Wynona V. Dillard; m. 6-3-1956 
Dillard, Wynona V.  1-19-1939  1-25-1997  Double marker with Bernise C. Dillard; m. 6-3-1956 
Dillard, Louie L.   6-5-1905  2-5-2001  Double marker with Ozelle M. Dillard 
Dillard, Ozelle M.   12-22-1910  1-19-2009  Double marker with Louie L. Dillard 
Dillard, Louie H. "Skip"  1-1-1929  5-20-2002  S2- US Navy-World War II: double marker with Lola Dillard; m. 8-24-1948 
Dillard, Lola L.   10-5-1930  10-9-2005  Lola Lorene Noftsger Dillard in obituary; double marker with Louis H. Dillard; m. 8-24-1948 
Dillard, Mollie    6-24-1958  Age 90; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
East, J. O.  5-9-1878  6-5-1957  Double marker with Mrs. J. O. East 
East, Mrs. J. O.  12-9-1876  4-13-1960  Double marker with J. O. East 
East, Walter Lee  9-2-1899  1-4-1962   
Ellis, Bettie  8-9-1883  11-8-1908  Wife of Guy Ellis 
Ellis, Guy  10-13-1881  12-3-1931   
Ellis, Malvern  10-19-1907  5-7-1974  Double marker with Aline Ellis; m. 12-5-1931 
Ellis, Aline "Muggie"  12-6-1915  1-1-1995  Double marker with Malvern; m. 12-5-1931 
Ellis, James "Shorty"  9-2-1925  2-28-1988  Double marker with Beth M. Ellis; m. 9-1-1950 
Ellis, Beth M.  1-10-1934  6-3-2013  Double marker with James Ellis; m. 9-1-1950 
Ellis, James Robert   7-30-1977  8-16-2012  Father of Caleb 
Erwin, Lucy V.  7-29-1855  3-29-1891  Age 35 years, 8 months 
Erwin, Rev. J. W.   1855  1943   
Fairchild, Bethany Jane  2-8-1848  2-18-1915  Double marker with J. T. Fairchild 
Fairchild, J. T.  1-25-1847  2-5-1920  Double marker with Bethany Jane Fairchild 
Fairchild, Bruce  5-5-1889  5-9-1964  Double marker with William A. Fairchild 
Fairchild, William A.  10-27-1888  9-5-1974  Double marker with Bruce Fairchild 
Fairchild, Omalieu  5-30-1917  3-15-1918  Daughter of W. A. and J. B. Fairchild 
Fairchild, J. T.  2-7-1919  2-11-1919  Son of W. A. and J. B. Fairchild 
Ghormley, Joe W.  11-8-1889  5-22-1966  Ark-Cpl.-Co. E-312 Engrs.-World War I 
Ghormley, (infant)  11-10-1930  12-29-1930  Daughter of Joe and Era Ghormley 
Ghormley, Josie V.  3-22-1924  1-3-1947   
Ghormley, Era Stokes  4-22-1896  11-28-1977   
Ghormley, Sadie Carlton  1-27-1899  10-14-1977  Double marker with John Astor Ghormley; m. 5-30-1920 
Ghormley, John Astor  12-7-1895  3-15-1973  Double marker with Sadie Carlton Ghormley; m. 5-30-1920 
Grant, Norman Wayne  8-8-1964    Double marker with Mary Susan Rowe Grant; m. 8-8-1964; children--Terry and Kerry; grandchildren--Terry Wayne II, Madison Brie, Mason Nathaniel, Riah Makale 
Grant, Mary Susan Rowe  12-16-1946  7-9-2011  Double marker with Norman Wayne Grant; m. 8-8-1964; children--Terry and Kerry; grandchildren--Terry Wayne II, Madison Brie, Mason Nathaniel, Riah Makale 
Hart, Abbie D.  4-16-1882  11-8-1920  Double marker with H. Smith Hart 
Hart, H. Smith  4-3-1877  11-1-1957  Double marker with Abbie D. Hart 
Hart, Bulah  3-6-1878  9-9-1967  Double marker with Johnny P. Hart 
Hart, Johnny P.  2-16-1872  12-10-1953  Double marker with Bulah Hart 
Hart, Gertie  5-17-1899  12-25-1906  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hart; died from slow fever (from obituary) 
Hart, Glenn  1918  1919   
Hart, I. M.  1838  no date  Double marker with Nancy E. Hart 
Hart, Nancy E.  1844  1916  Double marker with I. M. Hart 
Hart, (infant)  7-12-1896  7-12-1896  Son of J. P. and Bulah Hart 
Hart, Myrtie  1883  1921  Metal marker set in concrete 
Hart, Octa V.  1897  1962  Double marker with J. Arthur Hart 
Hart, J. Arthur  1897  4-20-1971  Double marker with Octa V. Hart; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hart, Patricia Ann  10-16-1943  11-22-1943  Daughter of J. C. and Ora Hart 
Hart, Windal  1918  1937  Metal marker set in concrete 
Hart, Ruth G.  8-30-1901  9-18-1991  Double marker with Eddie M. Hart 
Hart, Eddie M.  6-18-1893  11-11-1974  Double marker with Ruth G. Hart 
Hart, Oscar M.  5-15-1915  11-19-1985   
Hart, John Perry  8-22-1915  2-26-1999  Double marker with Betty Lou Hart; m. 5-14-1938 
Hart, Betty Lou  4-23-1920  11-13-1989  Double marker with John Perry Hart; m. 5-14-1938 
Hart, Harmon W.  2-25-1918  4-24-1977  Harmon Warren Hart in obituary; double marker with Mattie Lou Hart; m. 3-24-1948 
Hart, Mattie Lou  8-3-1925  4-23-1995  Double marker with Harmon W. Hart; m. 3-24-1948 
Hart, Olen Q.  11-28-1903  5-10-1980  Double marker with Gertine Luck Hart 
Hart, Gertine Luck  10-12-1908  12-25-1993  Double marker with Olen Q. Hart 
Hart, Earl E.  12-17-1899  10-24-1979  Double marker with Velma Hart 
Hart, Velma  12-14-1903  6-29-1995  Double marker with Earl E. Hart 
Hart, Milburn L.  8-28-1907  5-21-1988  Double marker with Edna Mae Hart 
Hart, Edna Mae  12-4-1912  5-31-1998  Double marker with Milburn L. Hart 
Hart, Ora Mae  12-9-1921    Double marker with John C. Hart; m. 6-25-1938 
Hart, John C.  6-21-1921  7-10-1981  Double marker with Ora Mae Hart; m. 6-25-1938 
Hart, Jerry Lynn  9-21-1941  5-29-1979   
Hart, Jimmie D.  3-26-1934  9-22-2001  Double marker with Willie Deloyce Baker Hart; m. 6-28-1958 
Hart, Willie Deloyce Baker  7-18-1940    Double marker with Jimmie D. Hart; m. 6-28-1958 
Hart, Jackie C.  9-29-1939  8-1-2016   
Harvin, Annie    Jan., 1932  Age 45; grave not found; information from obituary 
Hatfield, Autry L.  1937    Double marker with Lela M. Hatfield; m. 6-28-1958 
Hatfield, Lela M.   1939  10-18-1962  Lelia Tomlin Hatfield in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Holloway, E. Otto  9-28-1902  2-21-1965  Double marker with Hattie Lee Holloway 
Holloway, Hattie Lee  2-14-1906  11-8-1991  Double marker with E. Otto Holloway 
Hoover, Jewell  8-9-1900  8-19-1921  Wife of James Hoover as per obituary 
Hoover, (infant)    1920  Child of James and Jewell Hoover (from early record) 
Hosey, Annie  12-17-1879  2-28-1970  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Irvin, William C.  4-14-1890  10-29-1971  William Clarence Irvin in obituary; double marker with Mae Dillard Irvin 
Irvin, Mae Dillard  3-6-1895  3-23-1978  Mae A. Irvin in obituary; double marker with William C. Irvin; death date from obituary; not engraved at time of survey 
Jarvis, Robbye Nell  5-26-1944  5-29-1944   
Jarvis, (infant)    1-23-1931  Daughter of John A. and Velma Jarvis 
Kenzel, R. Scott  9-5-1967  1-19-1970  Richard Scott Kenzel in obituary; 
Kenzel, Richard E.  1-15-1946  1-9-2013  Richard Edward Kenzel on military marker; AA - U. S. Navy - Vietnam; double marekr with Betty A. Kenzel; m. 7-30-1965 
Kenzel, Betty A.  3-30-1946    Double marker with Richard E. Kenzel; m. 7-30-1965 
Kilpatrick, Mirtis M.  12-13-1900  7-2-1936   
Latham, C. V.  5-2-1906  3-31-1932  Vernon Latham in obituary 
Latham, Carl Denton  3-7-1924  8-28-1970  Tex. -AEMI-USNR-World War II 
Latham, Dr. Charles V.  12-23-1948  11-1-1995   
Latham, Verta Ressie  1-17-1906  3-6-1977   
Lawler, Ralph J.  9-18-1933  1-11-2010  Husband of Bonnie Tomlin 
Lowe, Jewell D.  3-24-1899  5-11-1965  Double marker with Doyle Lowe; Jewel Dillard Lowe in obituary 
Lowe, Doyle  8-24-1901  11-23-1983  Double marker with Jewell D. Lowe 
Lowe, (baby)  7-6-1936  7-6-1936  Son of Doyle & Jewel Lowe 
McNatt, Virgal A.  12-27-1905  8-6-1945  Pvt.- U. S. Army; double marker with Ruth L. McNatt 
McNatt, Ruth L.  5-19-1912  6-21-1942  Double marker with Virgal A. McNatt 
Mahaffey, Elizabeth Cross  3-21-1848    Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Manning, Allen  4-13-1843  11-29-1908   
Manning, M. J.  9-12-1844  9-3-1910  Wife of A. Manning; Jane Manning in obituary 
Martin, (infant)  7-22-1920  7-22-1920  Daughter of Willie and Edna Martin 
Martin, (infant)    9-15-1916  Daughter of Hinton and Lois Martin 
May, Reuben  1-20-1874  12-8-1951  Double marker with Janie B. May 
May, Janie B.  5-19-1875    Double marker with Reuben May; no death date 
Miller, Mable L.  9-5-1920  12-12-1989  Double marker with W. E. Miller 
Miller, W. E. (Haley)  10-14-1916  6-23-1990  Double marker with Mable L. Miller 
Miller, Dorothy Del  5-22-1942  1-20-1993  Double marker with Von Miller 
Miller, Von  8-31-1938  1-29-2010  Double marker with Dorothy Del Miller 
Miller, Karron Hart  6-16-1953  12-18-2006  Double marker with Philip Lyn Miller; m. 7-6-1973 
Miller, Philip Lyn  3-9-1953    Double marker with Karon Hart Miller; m. 7-6-1973 
Morrow, Joyce Ann  7-7-1953  6-13-2016  Metal marker at time of survey 
Poggemeyer, Herman  1-24-1915  5-1-1986   
Powell, Ada Bertha  10-13-1891  1-16-1892  Daughter of W. Z. and M. J. Powell 
Purtle, Betty  2-14-1863  4-5-1961   
Purtle, Carl A.  11-23-1890  6-29-1969  Double marker with Irma R. Purtle 
Purtle, Irma R.  9-15-1897  4-21-1974  Double marker with Carl A. Purtle 
Purtle, (infant)  12-31-1939  12-31-1939  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Purtle 
Purtle, Donnie    2-25-1940  Age 9; son of Robert and Imogene Purtle 
Purtle, Harlon C.  1910  1966  Double marker with Minnie A. Purtle; children--Lura Mae, James Ray, Ollie Faye, Mildred Lucille, Johnny Owen, Thomas Lynn, Donna Diann, Deborah Ann 
Purtle, Minnie A.  1918  2-14-2001  Double marker with Harlon C. Purtle; full death date from obituary; children--Lura Mae, James Ray, Ollie Faye, Mildred Lucille, Johnny Owen, Thomas Lynn, Donna Diann, Deborah Ann 
Purtle, Harold M.  2-21-1926  10-28-1969  Ark-Cpl.-Co. B.-1778 Engr. Bn. 
Purtle, J. H.  2-27-1880  4-11-1960   
Purtle, (infant)  12-31-1916  1-7-1917  Daughter of J. L. and H. N. Purtle 
Purtle, Jesse  11-12-1901  5-24-1951   
Purtle, Jesse W.  1-18-1862  10-29-1921  Double marker with Margaret C. Purtle 
Purtle, Margaret C.  12-30-1870  3-28-1955  Double marker with Jesse W. Purtle 
Purtle, Jimmie C.  8-12-1881  9-14-1897   
Purtle, Lawrence J.  1855  2-14-1931  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Purtle, Minnie  10-17-1885  3-22-1938   
Purtle, Minnie Lee  9-9-1890  11-28-1929  Double marker with Owen Presley Purtle; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Purtle, Owen Presley  1887  August, 1958  Double marker with Minnie Lee Purtle; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Purtle, Robert Lee  10-6-1898  12-28-1961  Double marker with Imogene Crouch Purtle 
Purtle, Imogene Crouch  6-22-1896  2-8-1987  Double marker with Robert Lee Purtle 
Purtle, Virginia Dare  2-26-1924  5-12-1924   
Purtle, Olen R.  7-30-1918  6-7-1970  Double marker with Lida M. Purtle 
Purtle, Lida M.  3-15-1922  9-22-2000  Double marker with Olen R. Purtle; metal marker has Lida Mary Owen 
Purtle, Olen O.    11-4-1940  Son of Olen and Lida Purtle 
Purtle, Lester  4-16-1895  5-22-1970  James Lester Purtle in obituary; double marker with Hester Purtle 
Purtle, Hester  8-14-1899  9-15-1992  Double marker with Lester Purtle 
Purtle, John Melburn  8-29-1905  11-3-1984  Pvt- U. S. Army-World War II 
Purtle, Sandra Kaye Ward  12-14-1947  6-19-2001  Double marker with Clifton Ray Purtle; m. 2-3-1967; children--Nathan Ray, Lesley Kaye 
Purtle, Clifton Ray  11-2-1942  6-28-2013  Double marker with Sandra Kaye Ward Purtle; m. 2-3-1967; children--Nathan Ray, Lesley Kaye; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Purtle, Johnny Owen  12-24-1947  5-18-2009  Double marker with Judith Faye Purtle; m. 11-28-1968; son- Rodney O'neal; grandchildren--Allison, Faith, Ty O'neal 
Purtle, Judith Faye  11-28-1947    Double marker with Johnny Owen Purtle;m. 11-28-1968; son--Rodney O'neal; grandchildren--Allison Faith, Ty O'neal 
Purtle, James Lawrence  12-8-1932  3-4-2013  U. S. Air Force - Korea 
Purtle, James "Jiggs"  11-11-1936  1-3-2016  James Ray Purtle in obituary; double marker with Delores Purtle; m. 5-19-1956; children - Cheryl Morrison, Julie Elledge, Stacy Purtle, Ricky Purtle 
Purtle, Delores  5-17-1938    Double marker with James Purtle; m. 8-19-1956; children- Cheryl Morrison; Julie Elledge, Stacy Purtle, Ricky Purtle 
Relaford, Loyce      Grave not found; listed in earlier record; twins of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Relaford 
Relaford, Lois      Grave not found; listed in earlier record; twins of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Relaford 
Relaford, Murl Irvin  1-9-1920  7-24-1944   
Rhodes, Billy Bob  3-15-1935    Double marker with Margaret J. Rhodes; m. 6-8-1956 
Rhodes, Margaret J.   6-7-1938  8-4-2016  Double marker with Billy Bob Rhodes; m. 6-8-1956 
Robison, Ernest Dickson  6-10-1940  10-18-2003  CW2- U. S. Army- Vietnam 
Ross, Thomas N.  2-12-1870  6-29-1942   
Ross, Ollie  1899  9-20-1942   
Ross, Nannie  5-7-1876  12-23-1953   
Ross, (infant)    Mar., 1941  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. S. Ross 
Shipp, Allie R.  5-22-1898  7-20-1937  Double marker with Wylie L. Shipp 
Shipp, Wylie L.  1-8-1893  1-4-1972  Arkansas- Pvt-Co. N.-112 Inf.-World War I; name spelled Wiley L. on military stone; double marker with Allie R. Shipp 
Shipp, Girvis Lofton  5-7-1923  6-24-1925   
Shipp, Elbert Melvin  2-24-1921  4-7-1970  Arkansas- Pvt.- Co. C-153 Inf.- World War II 
Shipp, Margie R.  9-2-1926  4-3-1978  Margie Ruth Shipp in obituary 
Shipp, Wylie Thalia  12-29-1918  5-20-1998   
Shipp, Robert Hoyt  8-11-1929  8-25-2003   
Steger, Harold R. Jr.  11-13-1927  2-3-1996  U. S. Navy- World War II 
Stokes, Althea  1878  1919  Double marker with J. S. Stokes 
Stokes, J. S.  1873  1943  Double marker with Althea Stokes 
Stokes, T. Grady  5-26-1901  11-25-1949  Double marker with Cora L. Stokes 
Stokes, Cora L.  5-27-1902  5-8-1982  Double marker with T. Grady Stokes 
Stokes, Mary Ann  3-24-1837  11-7-1913   
Stokes, Paris D.  1904  1923   
Sutton, Clyde  3-1-1894  11-16-1917  Woodmen of the World marker 
Sutton, G. S.  3-29-1871  12-28-1952   
Sutton, Lela G.  8-5-1874  4-1-1951   
Sutton, Floyd M.  7-3-1896  2-1-1983  Double marker with Ollie C. Sutton; m. 2-23-1918 
Sutton, Ollie C.  8-10-1902  12-27-1985  Double marker with Floyd M. Sutton; m. 2-23-1918 
Sutton, Jimmie W.  7-19-1938  4-16-1987  Double marker with Patricia L. Sutton; m. 8-24-1956 
Sutton, Patricia L.  5-13-1939    Double marker with Jimmie W. Sutton; m. 8-24-1956 
Tomlin, Auther Dail  3-26-1924  3-13-1927   
Tomlin, Joseph Allen  10-31-1954  11-13-1954   
Tomlin, Lelia    2-17-1962  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Tomlin, Rebecca Karen  3-8-1956  3-15-1956   
Tomlin, Bessie R.  9-26-1906  2-24-1995  Double marker with James A. Tomlin; m. 12-31-1922; married 72 years 
Tomlin, James A.  7-10-1906  11-18-1997  Double marker with Bessie R. Tomlin; m. 12-31-1922; married 72 years 
Tomlin, (infant)    9-16-1944  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tomlin 
Tomlin, Clyde D.  6-14-1930    Double marker with Betty J. Green Tomlin; m.5-17-1952; children--David, Joseph, Karen, Jason, Linda, Pamela 
Tomlin, Betty J. Green  12-4-1933    Double marker with Clyde D. Tomlin; m. 5-17-1952; children--David, Joseph, Karen, Jason, Linda, Pamela 
Waters, Irene  1893  1938  Double marker with Sid Waters 
Waters, Sid  1889  1957  Double marker with Irene Waters 
Weeks, (baby)      No information 
Woodall, Vol    12-8-1929  Date from early record; stone has no date 
Woodall, Wilton  1919  1930   
Woodall, Nellie  1897  8-4-1928  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 

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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Since 1997, Jery and Jeanie McKelvy have conducted a periodic canvas of each cemetery in the county and use additional resources to keep the listings current.

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Suggested content for bibliography entry:
Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - Bluff Springs Cemetery"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/refcemnames/9
Retrieval Date: November 16, 2019

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