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Charles & Susie Peavey, William Peavey, Aurtora Roland Nevada Co Laneburg, Hempstead Co. by cyenthia clepper (cyen2003@aol.com bounced) on 2006-05-23 4:48 p.m.

Hello All.

I am looking for information on Charles Lee Peavey who was married to Susie A. Peavey. They are buried together in Laneburg Cemetery in Nevada Co Ark. He was b. 1868 and d. 1942. She was b. 1868 and died 1963. He had a son William Lee Peavey who was born in Texas (* so was Charles) I believe they came here was William was small, Susie is not his mother, but did help raise him.

William grew up and later married Aurtora/Artora Roland they lived in Hempstead County, Hope Arkansas in the 1930s 40s 50s. William is too buried in Laneburg, he was born in Tx 6-4-1909 and died 10-23-1984. They had several children, Edward Peavey, Rose Mae (Rosy) (Todd) Peavey, Mary Francis (white) Peavey, Annie Ruth (potter) Peavey, Orlee (durham) Peavey, & Johnny Peavey.

Some children are still living.. my grandfather is Edward Peavey. However he doesn't know much at all about his family. I can not find any thing on this family except for the cemetery and the 1930 census. ANY INFO is Greatly Apprieciated!

I have heard that maybe Artora was part indian? I heard her father maybe Alfred/Alford? Sisters maybe Estelle Walker or Ozell? None of this is can be found true.

Thank You

Cyenthia Page

Texarkana Texas

Other names I am researching include:

Roland Peavey Reed Clepper Steitler Meeks Quinley Bradshaw Golden Caston

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