Museum Hours

During the Covid-19 Pandemic all visitors are asked to wear a mask. We practice safe social distancing.

Nevada County Depot and Museum is closed on weekends and Mondays.

Museum hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm, except when the City of Prescott offices are closed and on holidays.

If you would like to visit outside of the listed hours, please call 870.887.5821, leave a message and we will try to arrange a more convenient time for you.

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

Paul Ridgell, President

Larry Jones, Vice President

Judy Duke, Secretary/Treasurer

Peggy Lloyd, Member

Theresa Tyree, Member

Corbin Merriott, Member

Cody Jackson, Member

Colby Tillman Member

John Brannan, Jr., Member

Mary Godwin, Economic Development Office

Jamie Hillery, Chamber of Commerce Office

Judy Duke, Museum Director/Curator

Nevada County Personal Histories

Now online:

Personal History, Nevada County, Arkansas, Collected by Winnie H. Hamilton, 1951.

This is a 35-Megabyte PDF that is kind-of searchable. We're working to get the full text of the typed work into electronic form so we can post as articles.

Elkins' Ferry & Prairie D'Ane Acquisition Effort

In 2010 a preservation plan for the three battles

of the Camden Campaign located in Nevada County was prepared by Mudpuppy and Waterdog, Inc. of Versailles, Kentucky.

In 2014 the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Prairie D’Ane Reenactment was held on the Barnes farm, in Nevada County, which was part of the actual battlefield, to raise awareness of the history that happened here.

In late 2015 the Depot Museum was contacted by Hancock Timber to see if they were interested in purchasing 464 acres of Elkins’ Ferry Battlefield.

In August of 2016, through help of donors, the battlefield of Elkins’ Ferry was purchased and deeded to the Depot Museum. At this point Dr. Patrick Hale came forward and offered 808 acres of Prairie D’Ane Battlefield, with a generous offer, taking $500,000 off the appraised value of $1.4 million. A second interpretive plan was prepared by Mudpuppy and Waterdog, Inc and completed in July 2017.

After a year of fund raising, countless hours of volunteer work and networking across the state, 808 acres of the Prairie D’Ane Battlefield was purchased and deeded to the Depot Museum in February 2018.

Plans are to preserve both Elkins’ Ferry and Prairie D’Ane battlefield sites for historic value as well as prepare the properties for interpretive tours and living history events. Future plans are for the battlefields to become a source of heritage tourism for Nevada County and the southern region.

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